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Increasing the visibility of your business is pivotal in driving sales. Email marketing is a budget-friendly way to raise brand awareness, open up new markets and build strong, long-term customer relationships.

The worst thing you can do is swamp your audience with too many ads while unsolicited or generic emails are likely to be binned. Everything Sorted first utilises buyer personas to draft effective strategies that target the right people at the right time. 

We help you to build trust with existing and potential customers through well-drafted emails and thoughtful content, ensuring you’re creating a personalised, one-to-one experience. 

We can make sure, as a small business, that you develop your reputation as a valued local expert.  We can help you to produce high-quality, exclusive content in your newsletters that gets read, engages your customers and persuades them to take action. We’ll also help to design content that displays well on mobile phones. 

Throughout our campaigns, we also track metrics to confirm performance and maximise effectiveness, as well as providing reports back to our clients.

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We'll appreciate the opportunity for a chat about where you are now. And where you'd like to take your business. We can discuss how we can grow your business without hiring a full time business development manager. Thus saving you not only time but money.